Samara O'Shea

It’s About Closure!

Today, I had originally planned to give my insights into the letters written to the police during the “Autumn of Terror”—when Jack the Ripper was sprinkling his special brand of horror around the city of London. Then I realized I couldn’t talk about the Jack the Ripper letters without discussing the Zodiac letters as well (coincidentally, two of the most famous serial killers in history who have never been caught both wrote taunting letters to the police on a regular basis). I’m not saying that means anything in particular, I just found it interesting. I then realized that I am not well equipped to comment on either of those (although, I did see Zodiac the movie and it was very good), so I put this topic on hold until I can research a bit further.

What I will do today is point you in the direction of one of my favorite web sites: This is where the break-up / good-bye letter lives on. SoThere has posted a fresh break-up letter everyday since 1998. If you need to wallow in your sorrows, this is a great place to do it. If you’ve got a great break-up letter you want the world to see then they can accommodate you—anonymously or not. It’s not about the other person seeing it as much as it’s about you saying what need to in order to move on. Full disclosure: I did contribute a letter to this site once. I won’t say which day it posted, but it has been in 2007. . .

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