Samara O'Shea

Letter Writers of the World Unite for. . .Paris Hilton

Whatever it takes to get people writing letters I suppose. I am usually not an advocate for the elder Hilton sister (who is?), but in this case I applaud her for giving her father a handwritten note for Father’s Day and for following it up a few days later with a thank-you note to the scores of people who have written her while in jail. The queen of T-mobile has brought out the inner letter writer in hundreds of fans as well as the Duchess of York (can we still call her that?) Sarah Ferguson, too, wrote a sympathetic letter to Paris earlier this week offering her support.

To me, the saddest part of the whole story is when Kathy Hilton announced that this is the first time in Paris’s life that she has been alone. Why not just wear an “I’m a bad mother” t-shirt. Who doesn’t send their child into the wilderness (or at least up to their room) for long periods of time to think about what they’ve done. Solitude is good for the soul—the kind that Paris appears to lack.

Now if Paris keeps sending thoughtful handwritten notes to her fans when she gets out of jail, then may lightning strike me if I say another bad word about her.