Samara O'Shea

Handwriting of Those Long Gone

I was at a wedding this past weekend and ended up speaking with a friend of a friend about my book. Toward the tail end of the conversation he said, “Isn’t it sad how our handwriting has suffered greatly because no one writes letters anymore.” Although, I purport there have been a great many losses as a result of lack of letters in today’s world, but I don’t think handwriting is one of them. I tried to explain to him that Poe had horrible handwriting and when I see scans of his letters online I am grateful that I’m not the one who had to transcribe them. He was still skeptical saying, “I’m not so sure about that. . .” Low and behold! Robert Fisk of The Independent comes to my rescue today in an amusing piece about the horrible handwriting of those who have gone before. Today’s lesson: Don’t be embarrased by your penmanship—write letters anyway. Someone will take the time to transcribe them someday.