Samara O'Shea

Letter Lovin Contest

Come one. Come all. My friends Melissa and Samara (yes! there’s another Samara and we know each other) invite you to tell us your letter-writing stories. We’re hosting an essay contest for all those who love to write (and talk about writing) letters. The rules are as follows:

* Write about a special letter you’ve written someone. When did you write it and who did you write it to? How did you send it? What was the situation surrounding this letter?


* You can tell us about a letter you’ve received from someone else. How long have you had it? Who sent it to you? What makes it worth holding onto?

* No more than 500 words, please.

* Email submissions to snailmailcampaign(at)gmail(dot)com by April 1st.

We’re excited to hear your responses – and very excited to announce our first-place winner after the entries have been reviewed. The winner will receive a signed copy of my book, For the Love of Letters: A 21st-Century Guide to the Art of Letter Writing . . . and I think there might be some sweet stationery in there too.

Happy writing!