Samara O'Shea

Putting Things in Perspective

May I take a moment to say that I love my job—technically my side job. I was having a semi-bad day yesterday. I say semi because nothing was wrong on the outside. The weather was gorgeous, and the people were kind. It was my insides that were feeling like a crooked picture on the wall. Not shattered on the floor, mind you. Just crooked. Then I received a letter request from a woman. She wanted me to write a letter on her behalf to the officials at an adoption agency. She has been trying for years to have children to no avail and has decided—in her mid-forties—to adopt. Bless her heart! Suddenly this put every problem I thought I had into perspective. I realized that I had nothing to feel crooked about. I humbly wrote her letter admiring her courage to move forward even though circumstance hasn’t been very considerate. I truly hope she is soon united with a child who she can spoil with love.