Samara O'Shea

Another Day, Another High School

I’m happy to report that Wisconsin and I are getting along famously. I woke up this morning to a story in the Wausau Daily Herald about my visit. Then I spent today with the Wausau East High Lumberjacks. Could there be a better mascot? I think not. I spoke with three creative writing classes (juniors and seniors) and two honors English classes (freshman). The freshman are the class of 2012! I’m happy to report that everyone was very well behaved. As I did yesterday, I asked them to write me letters following the presentation. One of the girls wrote and told me that not only did she like writing letters but she also really liked my outfit. Score!

I just finished up an hour presentation at the museum. As much fun as I’m having with the kids, it was nice to chat with adults for a while. I didn’t feel I had to censor myself. Not that I need to do too much censoring, but there are a few letters I tone down (or skip sentences) as I read to the youth. Adults also ask more questions. Tomorrow I’m off to two more high schools, but we don’t hit the road until 8:30 a.m. I’m excited about all the sleep I’m going to get tonight.