Samara O'Shea

A Christmas Love Letter

Merry Christmas week everyone! I hope you’re as excited as I am. I’m feeling a fondness for Christmas that I haven’t felt in years. I think it’s due, believe it or not, to the economic downturn. It has me feeling so grateful for the life I live and the people I love. I’m experiencing the holiday minus the commercialism and excess, which is how it’s meant to be.

And now, I give you a love letter to help savor the season. It’s one of my favorites. This is a platonic love letter from a daughter to her mother. The daughter is Louisa May Alcott—author of Little Women and Little Men amongst many other books. In the winter of 1854 she had her first book entitled Flower Fables published. Below you’ll find the letter she writes to her mother on Christmas day as she prepares to send a copy of her “first born.”

25 December 1854

Dear Mother,

Into your Christmas stocking I have put my “first born”, knowing that you will accept it with all its faults (for grandmothers are always kind), and look upon it merely as an earnest of what I may yet do; for, with so much to cheer me on, I hope to pass in time from fairies and fables to men and realities.

Whatever beauty or poetry is to be found in my little book is owning to your interest in and encouragement of all my efforts from the first to the last; and if ever I do anything to be proud of, my greatest happiness will be that I can thank you for that, as I may do it for all the good there is in me; and I shall be content to write if it gives you pleasure. . .

I am ever your loving daughter,