Samara O'Shea

There’s Money in Mail: Who Knew?

The Post Office made the news again yesterday, or the Postmaster I should say.

ABC is giving him a hard time for making six figures and receiving a nice bonus—because he’s also asking that mail delivery cease for one day a week to save money.

First of all, I think it’s unfair of ABC to say that the postmaster makes $857,459.00. That’s not actually the case. They come to that total by adding in retirement “benefits and perks.” Retirement money is not something he has access to right now and perks, what the hell are they? It’s not specific. As far as I’m concerned he still makes under $400K.

I also don’t have a problem with people making six figures—provided the work they do is quality. And if they’ve been at that work for a long time then, yes, it’s fine to reward someone for the years they put into a career. I have no problem with doctors, lawyers, and the president making six figures. I think teachers and writers deserve six figures, too, but that’s pushing it I realize. I’m not sure about the postmaster. This story does not give me any insight into the daily work the postmaster does, and therefore I can’t make a decision. I think the media is out to get anyone who makes six figures right now—even though many of them make six and sometimes seven figures.