Samara O'Shea

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I’ve been on the fence about joining Twitter. The reason I’ve hesitated for so long is because I wonder When does it end? What’s next after Twitter? Considering that MySpace was followed by LinkedIn and Facebook and FB followed by Twitter? There will always be more social networks to be a part of! (And none of them will bring enlightenment or salvation).

Of course, I see the appeal and the point of these networks. I’ve met many people and gotten back in touch with old friends through Facebook. But I do exhaust myself at the thought of having to obtain and maintain a presence on so many social sites.

I’ve just come to my conclusion: No Twitter! I decided after reading this excellent article from The Daily Beast: Twitter Jumped the Shark this Week by Mark McKinnon. Here’s a sample from his write-up:

But I’m giving it up. I know I’ll get roasted for being anti-tech. But, what I really am is pro meaningful communication. And somewhere along the Internet highway we fell under the spell that more communication is better communication. Sometimes more communication is just noise.