Samara O'Shea

April: The Way It’s Going to Work

National Card and Letter Writing Month officially starts tomorrow! As promised, I will be writing one letter per day and blogging about the blessed recipient of each letter. I’ve already figured out who I’ll be writing to. I have a big desk calendar, and a few days ago I turned it to the month of April and just started writing names. Any name that came to me—new friends, old friends, and family members—and I wrote the names completely out of order. I was a mad scientist with my oversized calendar—writing a name on the 15th and then the 30th and then the 8th—cackling aloud while thunder and lighting fought each other to the death outside my window. Not really, but it’s a fun mental picture is it not? There are a few people that I’ve been meaning to write to forever, so I’m excited that I’ll finally get around to it. Yes, even a professional letter writer finds it very easy to procrastinate when it comes to writing letters. There are also few people that I really really want to write to, but I know it’s unwise—I’ll be writing (but not sending) letters in their honor. I’ll explain as the month goes on. Of course, I won’t get to everyone I know and love in one month, but I’ll get to a few of them and hopefully continue on writing when the month ends. I’m very excited that a few of you have written and said you’ll try to write along with me. Good luck! Keep me posted on your progress.

For those of you who don’t have it in you to write a letter a day, consider entering the essay contest I’m hosting with We’d love to hear your letter-loving stories.

And now, let the letter writing begin!