Samara O'Shea

I Haven’t Given Up

It’s been a few days since I’ve mentioned my self-proclaimed project, I realize. I haven’t given up on writing a letter a day—I was just taking a break from blogging about it. In the spirit of living and learning, I’ve found the blogging to be the more difficult part of the process. I do love the idea of writing a letter and blogging about the person. It offers the designated recipient a bonus—in the letter, I tell them to go to my blog and read further about how much I admire / adore them. It’s also interesting in the way of perspective—I write a letter to someone in the first person and then blog about that very same person in the third person. Keeps me on my toes!

The problem is, it’s made blogging more of an assignment for me, and blogging has never felt that way. I love up and saying anything whenever I want, whether I’m responding to an article, posting a killer quote, or just waxing poetic about nothing at all. Writing a letter a day is difficult—it’s a commitment—and the satisfaction of finishing the letter is only momentary until I remind myself that I said I’d blog about it. This isn’t to say I don’t enjoy writing about the people I’m writing letters to—I certainly do! It’s feeling like I have to do it that’s taken some of the joy away. And thus I’ve decided I’ll only blog about the letters I’m writing when the mood strikes.

And it happens to be striking right now! I sent my friend Kevin a Valentine’s Day card this morning. The story is: He sent me a lovely New Year’s card last January. By the time I got to CVS to respond (which was mid-January), the card companies had understandably moved on to Valentine’s Day. Faced with a sea of red and pink sentiments, I bought him a V-Day card for fun. A week or so later I received another letter from Kevin announcing the passing away of a dear member of his family. I decided it was best to respond to that notice immediately and with a proper sympathy card. Now here it is, three months later and I still have (had) his V-Day card—so I wrote to him on that glittery piece of paper and sent it on its way today.

And for my next letter . . . earlier this week my friend Shawn sent out an e-mail offering the address of his new home. He started off with, “Addresses are pretty moot these days . . . but here it is.” I’m going to prove him wrong and show him just how useful his new address can be!

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, and I’ve vowed to write one letter each day. Also, please check out the essay contest I’m hosting with