Samara O'Shea

The Final Countdown

It’s the home stretch of National Card and Letter Writing Month. I’m actually told by some that it lasts until Mother’s Day, but I’m going to consider myself accomplished when I mail my last missive this Thursday. Although I will write my mother a letter for M-day. And I will continue to write letters at will—it’s still something I LOVE doing. Admittedly, it’s more difficult to do when you’ve given yourself no choice, but it wasn’t as chore-like as I feared it would be. Most of my anxiety centered around all the other things I had to do on top of writing a letter. I was afraid I wouldn’t get to those other things. I managed. I made the letter-of-the-day the center of my schedule. I learned to rotate everything around it.

My last letter will be to my friend Guillermo. He’s living and working in Beijing for six months. I have no idea how long it will take to get there, but I wish I could follow my little letter on its journey. I am hoping to head to Beijing to visit Guillermo over the summer—budget permitting.

What I am really is excited about now is reading the essays that have been submitted for the Giftsin24 essay contest. We’ve received many, and they are sure to be heartwarming and entertaining. I’ll announce this winner here as well as at Thanks to everyone who entered, and thank you to everyone who stops by here to read. I shall continue to write!

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, and I’ve vowed to write one letter each day. Also, please check out the essay contest I’m hosting with