Samara O'Shea

Short and Sweet

Anne Lamott writes in one of her books (Traveling Mercies I think it is) that there are only two prayers we need to know:

1. Please Please Please


2. Thank You Thank You Thank You

Today, I thought of a third:

3. Take It Take It Take It

I supposed this could fall under “Please Please Please” if it had to, but to me this prayer is what you say when it (as in anxiety, hurt, fear, shame, confusion, whatever is plaguing you) has become too difficult to bear. With this prayer you hand IT over to the Universe, the Creator, God, Zeus, whatever you call the being that breathes life and hope into all things. You acknowledge that, as a human, you are far too weak to carry several sandbags at once and it’s better to let the master do it. Feels good. Try it. I just said it in the elevator and weighed less when I got to the top.

Any other one (or two) word prayers you can think of that would work well if repeated three times in a row ?