Samara O'Shea

Success Knows No Age

Yesterday it was announced that 77-year-old Alice Munro was the recipient of the 2009 Man Booker International Prize. I’m sure many of us think that by the age of 77 successes stop coming. I thought that way for a while—or I at least thought if I didn’t have certain things done by a certain age then I wouldn’t be able to achieve them. Then I came across an article called Confessions of a Late Bloomer in (you guessed it) Psychology Today about how it is a big bad farce that we have to have certain achievements by a certain age. Grandma Moses started painting in her seventies! And we all know the story of Susan Boyle. These are wonderful reminders that you never have to shrug your shoulders and say My time has come and gone. It most certainly has not.

Alice Munro was awarded for her body of work, which began long before she turned 77. But it still reinforces the message that you can never sit still. As long as you’re on planet earth then you have to keep trying. Trying what is up to you.