Samara O'Shea

From Whence I Tweet

So I’m just under two months into Twitter and . . . it’s okay. Occasionally a thought will come to mind, and I’ll think Twitter is the perfect outlet for it. It’s a great place to share article links and short quotes. But if it went away for good, I wouldn’t miss it. I do have insight into one Twitter feature though—because it makes me self-conscious. Actually, it doesn’t really make me self-conscious. It makes me think Should I be self-conscious about this? There’s a difference.

The feature is: Twitter announces where your tweeting from. It gives the time and place of your tweet. For example, if I just wrote something, Twitter would say “5 Minutes Ago from Web.” And that would update as the hours go by i.e. “8 Hours Ago from Web.” All of my tweets (every single one of them) are from the Web. Other people tweet from other places. Here’s the list—which admittedly I don’t fully understand—of where people can tweet from:

– From Web
– From Twitterfeed
– From Twitterberry (tweeting from your blackberry, I presume)
– From mobile web
– From Tweetdeck (what?)
– From Tweetie (again, what?)
– From TwitterFon
– From Text

And there you have it! The many ways of telling someone from whence you are tweeting. I’m sure it’s billed as convenience “Look you can tweet from anywhere,” but it’s really another social networking way of saying “I’m soo busy, I can’t even sit down to tweet. I have to do it on the go.” Sigh. In that case, I’m not cool at all.

I make a motion to make the location announcement more specific:

– From breakfast table
– From brushing teeth
– From a horrid hangover
– From the phone of a really good looking guy lying naked next to me (sorry morning fantasy got in the way)
– From second star to the right and straight on till morning!