Samara O'Shea

In Retrospect . . .

I’m rather surprised that I felt comfortable posting what I posted yesterday. Ah, well. It’s up, and I’ll leave it up. Thank you ladies (Stephanie and Joselle) for your kind words. You’re right, it’s best to feel the sad feelings first. Let them do their thing.

I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday and he said (as friend’s usually do), “If it makes you feel any better there’s a 50% chance it won’t work out.” I know that’s the truth but I’m trying not to focus on it. I don’t want my happiness to be contingent on someone else’s sadness or discomfort. I want to assume he’s madly (and genuinely) in love and learn to wish him well. Maybe I can’t be truly happy for him, but I hope I have it in me to wish him well. It’s probably won’t happen today, but that’s the ultimate goal.