Samara O'Shea

Change of Plans

Hello everyone. I’ve obviously been a bit lax this week with the blogging and, truth be told, it feels right. It feels right, right now to set blogging aside. Here’s what happened: I finished the book proposal I mentioned earlier and turned it in to my agent. In the wake of finding out my former flame is unavailable forever I felt brave enough to mention to my agent another book idea that I’ve had in mind for about a year. I was terrified he’d tell me it was no good, and I didn’t want to hear it. To my great pleasure, he responded positively and told me I should put that proposal together. I am now going to spend every spare second I have on that proposal and make it as good as can be. It doesn’t even bother me that we might not do anything with the first proposal. I’ll chalk it up to being good practice! I am so excited about this idea and can’t wait to see what I come up with. Lemons, thy name is lemonade!

I’m going to take the rest of July and August off from blogging. The break is also due, in large part, to a trip to Vienna I have coming up. I’ve always wanted to go to Austria (grew up on The Sound of Music and all), and the time has come. I will be back in September. I’m here if you need me in the meantime—feel free to e-mail—for saying hello or for letter requests. I think this leave of absence will be good for all of us. Hopefully, I’ll get some great writing out of it, and (ideally) you’ll get some good reading out of it. Thank you everyone for your virtual support. I count you among my friends! Enjoy the rest of your summer.