Samara O'Shea

For Samara on the Occasion of Her 30th Birthday

My mother wrote me a poem and read it at my 30th birthday party. She just gave me that paper version last night, and I thought I’d share.

By Carol O’Shea

Consider the edges ~ my love ~

Like the most delicate stationery that holds content so carefully crafted

& loving in design

Whose papery sheath is tissue soft & speckled with flecks of

Deeper color

Holding meaning forward to share ~ to tell ~ to discover . . .

But a strong carrier that will withstand time ~ 30 or other ~

Folded many times over to open and close and open again

With meaning held so dear . . .

But whose edges are a feathery design ~

Purposely allowing time to blend & sculpt & tumble meaning into

Shining Gems ~ like Cape May diamonds ~

Hold lightly the edges ~ my love.