Samara O'Shea

For the Brides

On May 2nd I’m doing another event with Brides magazine. They are setting up a Newlywed Nest, in Manhattan. This gorgeous living space is open to the public on weekends (from April 24 – May 22) not to mentioned free (and a completely unaffordable reality for most of the aforementioned public). But it’s fun to dream! I’ll be there on Sunday May 2nd from 1 – 3 pm signing books and giving one-on-one advice on writing love letters and wedding vows.

Getting ready for this reminded me that I never posted pictures of the first event I did with Brides—back in February. There was a wicked snowstorm going on outside at the time, but you’d never be able to tell because we were having so much fun inside . . .

Photos by the lovely Rohanna Mertens:

I walked in from the blizzard and found this—my display. How stunning!

Whatever I’m talking about has me VERY excited.

My friend Karina stopped by to say hi.

What can I say?

A good time had by all!