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Second Quarter Same as the First

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a great 2010. I wish it could be 2010 all the time! The fabulous feelings that have come with the year thus far have a bit to do with the outside happenings—career pursuits and whatnot—but more so with the inside happenings. I am shedding the skin of my twenties and moving ahead into my thirties with gusto and wiser eyes. I’m mighty excited for what this second quarter, specifically the month of April, will bring. Here are a few goings on:

Spring – It’s the first full month of spring! Welcome sweet season. We’ve missed you. Feel free to stay as long as you like.

National Card & Letter Writing Month – It’s that time again. This is my third year celebrating NC&LWM. I won’t be doing what I did last year last year—writing a letter a day for the whole month. I will, however, step it up a notch. I have a stack of letters on my desk that I’ve been meaning to respond to. I encourage everyone to handwrite at least one letter this month, unless you’re a regular letter writer then write a few extra. Here are some of my thoughts on NC&LWM from two years ago—they haven’t changed. Also, Carla over at 365 letters is still up to some fantastic letter-writing pursuits.

National Poetry Month – Not only is it the month the celebrate the art of letter writing but also the practice of writing, reading, and reciting poetry. This is my first year knowing of and actively celebrating National Poetry Month. I will do so by finally uploading some video content to the poetry blog I spoke of last June. It’s not uploaded just yet, but I’ve got my flip camera ready and aim to have it up by next week.

Communication in the 21st Century – Anyone live in the southeastern Pennsylvania region? I’m doing a lecture on communication in the 21st century at the Waynesborough Country Club in Paoli on April 18th. I’ll talk in depth about letter writing, as usual, and will also discuss they best ways to get in touch with people when we have so many options. For example, it’s best not send a resignation letter through Facebook (or even to friend your boss on Facebook). But if you want try and reach a celebrity, Twitter might just be the best way. The event is $10 at the door. RSVP by e-mail please. Thank you!

Wedding Vow WritingI’m still working on this and excited to do it. Hopefully I’ll be up and running by wedding season.