Samara O'Shea

City Snob Learns a Lesson

I’ve just returned from three weeks in Washington D.C. I’m ashamed that I haven’t spent much time there considering it’s so close (closer on the Acela). The city was enchanting. It’s a walking city with adorable shops, savory restaurants, and a lively bar sceneā€”in addition, of course, to all the national monuments and museums. I must admit I’ve been a bit of a city snob up until now. I believed that cities without skylines aren’t real cities. I take it back! D.C. is very much a city with all the rights and privileges thereof. Since I was there for a work project, I didn’t get the museum time I wish I would have. Alas, I have no stories or photos of letters written by Thomas Jefferson. I’ll get them on the next trip. I will go back! For now, here’s a picture of The Washington Post office, which was right across the street from my hotel: