Samara O'Shea

Here’s To My Friends

Here on this last Friday of July in the Year of our Lord 2010, I would like to pimp out two of my good friends. First up is Blake. I met him in late 2006, and he quickly became one of my dearest comrades. He is my homosexual husband—in other words, the man I would marry if he weren’t gay. Blake is a fitness expert and spiritual guru. He has written a fabulous e-book called 100 Tools to Change Your Brain, Body, and Spiritual Being, which can be purchased on his website. Let’s tip our hats to Blake.

Blake and I being silly—in a very serious and artistic way.

Next up is Karina. Karina and I have known each other for eight years. She’s been talking about launching a food blog forever. Then one day it appeared. Stop by at EATPretty. The site has a clean design and clever content. Karina calls herself a “flexitarian.” That is one “who leans toward vegetarian, low dairy foods.” It’s a great site for health-conscious foodies. Let’s now raise our champagne glasses in Karina’s direction.

Karina and I earlier this year.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my friends. Have a wonderful weekend!