Samara O'Shea

The Bucket List is Born

I don’t have an active bucket list, but I have just come up with a fun life assignment and since my self-imposed deadline is “before I die,” I suppose the list begins today. Here goes . . .

I, Samara O’Shea, declare that before I kick the bucket I will attempt to visit every place on the planet named Samara, which includes the following:

~ Samara, Russia, a city on the eastern bank of the Volga River, Russia

~ Samara River (Dnieper), a river in Ukraine, left tributary of the Dnieper River

~ Samara, beach city in Costa Rica

~ Samara, Agra, village in Uttar Pradesh, India

~ Samarra, an ancient city in Iraq (if I’m willing to go to the good places I must brave the dangerous ones, too. Plus the Great Mosque of Samarra looks really cool.)

~ Samara Flag Monument, a monument in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

~ Samara (house), also known as SAMARA or the John E. Christian House, a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright located in West Lafayette, Indiana

If you know of other places called Samara please tell!

Are there any travel magazines out there willing to sponsor the journey to such a unique set of places? Any?