Samara O'Shea

Back to School

I must confess, I’m not sad to see summer go. While I do plan to savor its final days and wear a bathing suit at least three more times over Labor Day weekend, I am so looking forward to fall. I anxiously await autumn’s crisp air and kaleidoscopic foliage.

This morning I spotted a neighborhood ingénue sporting a pink backpack and marching toward the high school. To be going back to school in August and on a Monday—that’s harsh. In any case, I hope she enjoys her first few days back as I always did. I’m not sure where beginning-of-the-school-year bliss comes from. I liken it New Year’s—fresh air, clean slate.

Speaking of school, the Center for Journal Therapy has posted the Fall Term classes. I’m teaching a class on Social Networking if anyone is interested. Consider the other classes, too. If you’re looking to take your journal practice to a deeper lever, this is a great way to do it.