Samara O'Shea

Look What I Found

I’ll tell ya, the computer experience becomes more life like every day. Case in point: I’ve started cleaning my desktop, and it is as rewarding as cleaning any room in the house (minus the smell of Lysol). Going through, deleting old documents, and emptying the trash when finished makes me feel incredibly organized. As I electronically straighten up, I come across old letters and pictures—as if I were cleaning my office. I completely forgot I had scanned some of these—as my scanner sits in the corner collecting dust.

This week, I’ll share some of my weekend findings. First up is a letter from Nana. This isn’t my Nana but my ex-boyfriend’s Nana. She wrote me the sweetest card when I graduated college. Nana has since left this life, but she is alive and well in my memory and in her words (transcription below the image).


Dear Samara,

My heartfelt congratulations to you for not only completing the four years at Duquesne but for doing it with flying Kellars – as the kids say I say!

I not only give you my best wishes, but also my prayers for you – that you will find your niche and will enjoy many, many years of health and success in it.

Check in with me occasionally now that I have my modern contraption called an e-mail machine! It will be so nice to hear about your adventures and successes.

With love and prayers,
Nana Joyce