Samara O'Shea

Butterflies on Paper and Dresses in Trees

Check this out: Reader Mike from Virginia sent me a stack of cards with this adorable design on the front. His wife, Lynn, is learning Chinese brush art, so he scanned one of her images and made cards. I will send four of these (to very special people), and keep one for myself. Thank you Mike. Lynn, keep up the great work!


In other butterfly news: This past Saturday, my neighbor’s daughter got married. I snapped a few photos of her dress hanging in his tree—sided by some paper butterflies, of course. This is a wedding trend I’ve noticed—photographing the dress hanging by itself in an interesting place. (Perhaps it’s not a new trend, but I’ve only seen it recently). In June, I discovered the wedding blog StyleMePretty (planning a wedding or not, this blog is a feast for the eyes), and in pretty much every set of photos is a dress hanging somewhere. For example, here and here. I like the idea a lot. Plus it made my Saturday morning cup of tea more interesting.