Samara O'Shea

Teacher’s Pet

I have two letters left from my great desktop clean out. This thank you note is from one of my high school English teachers, Mrs. Cummins. It’s the epitome of short and sweet. Mrs. Cummins definitely makes the cut into my top five teachers of all time. She was funny, understanding, and she made sure to point out all of Shakespeare’s sexual innuendos. What more could a room full of seniors ask? Transcription below the image:



It has been my utmost pleasure having you as a student this year. You are one of the finest young women I have had the joy to teach. You are a special person who always had the knack for making me feel like I make a difference in kids’ lives. For that, I thank you.

Mrs. Cummins

Tune in tomorrow. I’ve saved the best letter for last.