Samara O'Shea

Letter from Cell Block 3-47B

Today I present the last letter I happened upon whilst cleaning out my computer.

A few years back, my friend Blake signed up to correspond with a prisoner. He was given a name—Louis—and wrote an introductory letter. The letter never reached its intended. Instead, it ended up in this charming gentleman’s hands (transcription below the image):




I pray that the guiding hand of the unseen directs the path of this missive, so that it may find the comfort of your hands at the end of its journey.

Please forgive this bold yet brief intrusion into the sanctuary of your life, but I felt it was of the utmost necessity in order to introduce you to a proposal of friendship, which is born of truth & beauty. I realize that the aspect of my presentation must seem undesirable due to my present circumstances are that of imprisonment, but I beg you not to allow the quality & depth of my words to be judged by the appearance of the surface.

By now you are probably wondering, “Who is this?” “How does he know me?” and finally, “Why is he writing to me?” Blake, my name is Thomas. But friends and associates call me “Face.” However, I can only pray that you don’t react haphazardly, but I’ve had your info & letter that you attempted to forward to Louis: The officer responsible for distributing mail made a human error & placed you letter on my rack. . .I made an honest effort to locate this Louis guy, but to no avail, I couldn’t. Curiosity got the best of me & I evaluated the contents within. . .I liked what I read & I decided after (2) months to put pen to paper in hopes since your quest was for merely a pen pal you would not be trippin.

For the record: Your sexual preference is not a factor for me because you have the free will to do what you do. But what moved me the most was you’re from N. E. Alabama & you’re educated. . .

As for myself: I’m a 28 year old African male, who is currently incarcerated for a drug deal gone bad.

I’m standing at 5’ 9 ½”, 186 lbs (give or take) light brown complexion, brown eyes, black wavy hair, and handsome as ever! I work out (5) days a week to maintain to health & body; I’m basically a very down to earth, deep thinking, laid back, open-minded, stern but humble, intelligent, understanding, humorous, likeable, single, never been married & willing to communicate as long & as often as you desire to do so. . .

You are free to shed any reservations about that in which I offer, for there is nothing but sincerity radiating from the hand of friendship I’m extending to you.

I pray I’ve proved worthy!