Samara O'Shea

The Return of Harvest Season

The first sign of fall 2010 was not a tree boasting its new foliage or a brusque breeze. No, no—the first sign of autumn came on an insanely humid day as I ran into Starbucks for air-conditioned cover. Cue the Halleluiah Chorus:


It doesn’t look like autumn, but it sure tastes like it! The idea of artificial pumpkin flavor, cinnamon, whole milk, and whipped cream mixed together into one tastily overpriced drink brought my longing for the season change to a whole new level. I refrained from indulging because I want to delight in my first PSL on a genuinely autumnal day.

Here’s the plan: I am going to savor summer for the next 96 hours: beaches, bathing suits, BBQ. All of it. Then at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday September 7th, my heart belongs to the harvest. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!