Samara O'Shea

Business is Booming

I’ve written four letters in the past two weeks. In the letter-writing business, that’s a lot. The only time is was more was back in November 2005 when DailyCandy covered this site. Then I had thirty requests at once. It’s not a lot by Internet standards, but it is a lot for one person! Since then, the requests have been unpredictable. Some months go by and I receive no requests. Other times, I’ll have two in one week.

After five years, I still love writing letters on behalf of others. I get a unique glimpse into people’s lives. When the customer is happy with the letter—saying This is perfect! It’s the best feeling. Makes my day. The letters I’ve written recently have been:

– A professional apology (to a former boss)

– A person apology (to a wife)

– A letter of introduction hoping for a recommendation to a master’s program

– A declaration–he wants to tell a girl he “caught feelings” for her. Sweet!

I wish all my customers the best with their endeavors!