Samara O'Shea


It’s a good day for bragging. Today the subject of my shameless brag will be my friend Jennifer. She is a talented writer, world-champion chess player, and she can now add Guggenheim-recognized video star to the list. Jennifer’s video “Hulachess” has been shortlisted for the 1st Guggenheim YouTube Play biennial! 125 videos made the cut out of over 23,000 entries from 91 countries.

The next phase is 20 of the shortlisted videos will be selected and unveiled in a special celebration at the Guggenheim museum in New York on October 21 and also installed at the Guggenheim museums in Bilbao, Venice and Berlin. I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that Hulachess makes it to the next round. Video below.

Hulachess Credits:
Daniel Meirom: co-creator & editor
Gabrielle Revlock: choreographer, dancer and my hula-hoop instructor/chess student
Blake Eichenseer: director of Photography

Jennifer hulachessing on Fox News