Samara O'Shea

Old is the New Cover Girl

When I bought this month’s issue of Vanity Fair with Miss Marilyn gracing cover I wondered “Why does VF keep featuring starlets from another era?” Apparently Gawker thought the same. Not that I don’t love me some Grace Kelly (May 2010), Liz Taylor (July 2010), and Jackie Kennedy (not this year but still), but I think exhibiting a gorgeous girl from a time gone by on the cover ONCE a year will suffice.


As for the article on Marilyn, I was disappointed. Her “secret diaries” revealed everything we already knew about her. She had low self-esteem, she was very lonely, and her marriages were difficult. I empathize with what she went through, and I can look at photos of her all the live long day, but I won’t tell you have HAVE to ready the story. Unlike the Liz Taylor letters, those really are a must read.