Samara O'Shea

Boys Will be Boys


The weather in the Greater Philadelphia area this weekend was divine. It required me to wear my favorite clothing combination—jeans and a sweater. The air was crisp and the foliage put its best foot forward. The leaves on the Japanese Maple tree in my front yard turned such a rich red they looked velvet from a distance.

This was the first weekend in two weeks that I wasn’t traveling, thus I enjoyed simple things—walking around and sitting on my front step with a cup of tea by my side. As I walked I saw something that surprised me: boys playing basketball in the park. Not a strange site I realize, but with all the talk of teenagers spending too much time on the computer, I was happy to see it. I also saw three boys on skateboards and three more on bikes. This gave me renewed hope for the Facebook generation. They do breath fresh air and get exercise. Carry on youngins!