Samara O'Shea

The Award-Winning Waterford Essay

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to give you the winning essay of the 1988 Waterford Crystal “Reflections on my Mom” Contest. Reader Lark from Michigan told me about entering this essay as a young lass. She won a trip to Ireland out of it!

She told me the story over the summer as I was getting ready to go to the Emerald Island myself. She recently found the very faded essay at her mother’s house. She scanned and retraced it for all of us to enjoy. The prize is impressive:

“I was the younger-age-group “Grand Prize Winner” for the contest. My mother and I got a 2-week trip to Ireland out of it, and my dad and brother came along for the ride. We were given a LOT of Waterford crystal, including a tall vase with the emblem from the contest marked “Mother of the Year 1988″ and a glass walking cane that was handed to me *during* our tour of the Waterford factory.”

Please view the actual essay here: waterford_essay.pdf It’s precious! Transcription below:

My mother is special because she saved both my pet hamsters. My brother almost squeezed one of them to death but my mother put her on a heating pad, stroking her, and after they picked me up from school mama took her to the vets to have a shot that saved her. She was my first pet.

My cat would have eaten my other hamster if mama hadn’t listened for her. Mama went around the whole house looking for her at night and when she finally went to bed, she kept listening and soon heard my cat in Pat’s room and found my cat ready to sink her teeth into her. She found a play fireman’s hat and had my hamster jump into and saved her. That shows that she care about my feelings and pets.

A very belated congratulations Lark! What a memorable moment for you and your mother to relive again and again.