Samara O'Shea

Christmas Card Confession

I cannot tell a lie: I didn’t send Christmas cards last year. I sent them dutifully and joyous the year before. I handwrote about eighty of them! But last year it just didn’t come together. It pretty much has to come together in my mind before December gets here. If it doesn’t then the month starts to spiral out of control, and I can’t get a grip on the card thing. Part of me wishes we could have Christmas every other year. It is a wonderful albeit exhausting holiday, and I think we’d appreciate it more if we got a break from it.

I hadn’t thought about whether or not I’d send cards this year. Then yesterday Habitat for Humanity sent me Christmas address labels. It’s such a simply, silly thing but it made me so excited for both Christmas and card sending that I officially know I will send at least 36 cards (that’s how many address labels I have).

Below are close ups of the label features. They look much more festive as a whole, but in the name of keeping my address off my website, I went with close ups.

First, there’s this guy. Isn’t he cute? With his messed up buttons and crooked nose.

Then there’s this sensual candle. The red is very deep on the label itself.

And here’s the archetypal bell to ring it all in!

They started playing Christmas music on the radio this past weekend. I say, if you can’t beat, join em! Okay Christmas, just wait a few more days until Thanksgiving is over, and then I’ll give you my undivided attention.

Are you planning to send cards this year?