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The King’s Psychological Speech

Monday, January 31st, 2011

I went on a date with my mom Saturday afternoon and saw The King’s Speech. In the first ten minutes, I thought “This is going to be one of those movies that mirrors the trailer exactly,” which isn’t an awful thing because the trailer itself is inspiring. But as the movie unfolded, I was pleased to learn I was wrong. There is much more beneath the surface than the obvious feel-good story. It’s a psychological movie—about a man who had never faced his demons (and who was never encouraged to). It’s a technological movie—appreciating the point in time when the original wireless (the radio) changed communication as everyone knew it. Above all, it’s a movie about male friendship, which is the subject of far too few movies in my opinion.

On Sunday I signed on to Facebook and a friend wrote, “Ok, it has to be said: THE KING’S SPEECH is entirely average.” Alas, I guess it’s not for everyone. I also suspect that the hype that surrounds a movie taints the individual’s viewing of it. If you are told this is the greatest movie ever, then it’s bound to underwhelm. If only we could watch movies with no preconceived notions whatsoever. For the record I’m not saying it’s the greatest movie ever, I’m simply saying I liked it. The only other Oscar contender for Best Picture I’ve seen is Black Swan. I vote this over that for Best Pic!

Doogie Howser, J.W. (Journal Writer)

Friday, January 28th, 2011


I caught the end of a Doogie Howser rerun a few nights back. I had forgotten that he was the orginal computer journaler. At the end of each episode he’d type a few words of wisdom onto his very blue computer screen.


He wasn’t blogging—just journaling for himself and the audience, of course. This was the early 90’s, a few years before e-mail became a must. I suppose one writer for the show had a vision that some of us would be journaling on our computers someday, and he was right. So hats off to that man and his vision. Hats off also to Neil Patrick Harris—the ultimate comeback kid. It’s been a hilarious pleasure watching his career the past few years.

For anyone interested in Doogie’s journal, I found this: The Personal Journal of Doogie Howser, M.D. I’m not certain they are all real. Some of them seem so, but others don’t. Ah well, it’s a quick mouse scroll down memory lane.

This is my fav:

Ray and I got caught up in comparing ourselves to others. It doesn’t matter weither* you think too much of yourself or too little, either way you lose.

*Whether is spelled incorrectly on The Personal Jouranl site.

Any Day Now

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

I should be receiving a thank you note from the president. It’s one of hundreds (maybe thousands) of thank you notes—but a thank you note nonetheless. In December, Organize for America e-mailed me and asked if I would like a thank you note regarding my support during the lame duck session. “Of course!” I replied. I think it was wise of them to ask. Had they just sent the notes, people would complain: “Is this what my tax dollars are going to? Thank you notes!!” Then there are those of us who really appreciate them. Alas, those of who want the notes will get them, and those who think it’s a waste of paper will not. Fair and fair.

For fun and feeling good: Here is an uplifting story and letter courtesy of our vice president (when he was still a senator).

The Morning After

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

I never thought I’d say this, but I had so much fun watching the State of the Union last night. I was at the Constitution Center, which is roughly 600 meters away from Independence Hall in Center City Philadelphia. There was a bar plus ample cheese and hummus. We had the pleasure of being entertained by donkey and elephant mascots. We played Constitutional Quizzo before the speech and Bingo during the speech. Mayor Nutter came, said a few words, and watched with us. Kate & I were interviewed by an Associated Press reporter and our quotes ended up in the Delaware County Times.

As for the speech itself, I was happy with it. I wasn’t blown away. Some of Obama’s speeches blow me away—like his acceptance speech and his address to the people in Arizona. Last night, he did a good job and didn’t say anything that caught me completely off guard. I was amused that Joe Biden wore a proud face the whole time—as if he were Obama’s father. And John Boehner look as artificially tan as ever.

Going Postal

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

The tragic day has come my friends. Two-thousand US post offices are scheduled to be closed this March. I think this has more to do with the state of the economy rather than the state of snail mail. Or perhaps it’s both. It’s sad just the same. It won’t stop me from writing though. I’ll send my mail by carrier pigeon if I have to.

I hope this helps lift your spirits. It lifted mine! It’s a to-do list that was found on the floor of a West Hollywood Gym. You go girl. Get your act together! I just have one question. What’s a moondoggie?


And finally, tonight is State of the Union night. I’m excited to watch it at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. We’re going to savor cocktails and play State of the Union Bingo. I hope you have fun plans for the big speech. Do some googling–I’m sure there’s a SOTU party in your neighborhood, too.

Suddenly Summer

Monday, January 24th, 2011

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is I had a spectacularly warm, adventurous vacation in Honduras. The bad news is I dropped my camera in a gift shop. I hit the floor right away to find the batteries. I put them back in and turned the camera on. It still worked. Whew! Sadly, I realized hours later that the memory stick had fallen out, too, and I lost all the photos from the first half of the trip.

Fortunately, cousin Kate was with me and she was snapping photos the whole time, so I’m not coming home completely photo-less. I do have to wait for her to send the pics to me.

For now I have a few images to share:

First up is me (and my tough girl face) flying through the air on a canopy tour. We zipped from tree to tree like the monkeys. This pic was taken by someone at the park.

Without the memory stick, my camera holds a few pictures, and that’s where these come from:

Kate has a pic of one of these guys on my shoulder. For now, isn’t it amazing that these colors exist in nature. I went snorkeling (as promised) and saw electric blue fish. Electric blue!

We saw lots of men with really big guns. We didn’t see any violence thankfully, but some people (like this guy) were prepared for it at all times.

These next few photos were taken at the Copan Ruins–an area built and occupied by the Mayan people. Like the Colosseum and the pyramids, these are extraordinary structures testifying to lives lived long ago.





Gone Snorkeling

Friday, January 14th, 2011

And now that I have confessed my love for winter, I am going to leave it for a week or so. Absence make the heart grow fonder! I am going to take a break from blogging, too. Be back on the 24th.

Until then,