Samara O'Shea

Suddenly Summer

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is I had a spectacularly warm, adventurous vacation in Honduras. The bad news is I dropped my camera in a gift shop. I hit the floor right away to find the batteries. I put them back in and turned the camera on. It still worked. Whew! Sadly, I realized hours later that the memory stick had fallen out, too, and I lost all the photos from the first half of the trip.

Fortunately, cousin Kate was with me and she was snapping photos the whole time, so I’m not coming home completely photo-less. I do have to wait for her to send the pics to me.

For now I have a few images to share:

First up is me (and my tough girl face) flying through the air on a canopy tour. We zipped from tree to tree like the monkeys. This pic was taken by someone at the park.

Without the memory stick, my camera holds a few pictures, and that’s where these come from:

Kate has a pic of one of these guys on my shoulder. For now, isn’t it amazing that these colors exist in nature. I went snorkeling (as promised) and saw electric blue fish. Electric blue!

We saw lots of men with really big guns. We didn’t see any violence thankfully, but some people (like this guy) were prepared for it at all times.

These next few photos were taken at the Copan Ruins–an area built and occupied by the Mayan people. Like the Colosseum and the pyramids, these are extraordinary structures testifying to lives lived long ago.