Samara O'Shea

Going Postal

The tragic day has come my friends. Two-thousand US post offices are scheduled to be closed this March. I think this has more to do with the state of the economy rather than the state of snail mail. Or perhaps it’s both. It’s sad just the same. It won’t stop me from writing though. I’ll send my mail by carrier pigeon if I have to.

I hope this helps lift your spirits. It lifted mine! It’s a to-do list that was found on the floor of a West Hollywood Gym. You go girl. Get your act together! I just have one question. What’s a moondoggie?


And finally, tonight is State of the Union night. I’m excited to watch it at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. We’re going to savor cocktails and play State of the Union Bingo. I hope you have fun plans for the big speech. Do some googling–I’m sure there’s a SOTU party in your neighborhood, too.