Samara O'Shea

The Morning After

I never thought I’d say this, but I had so much fun watching the State of the Union last night. I was at the Constitution Center, which is roughly 600 meters away from Independence Hall in Center City Philadelphia. There was a bar plus ample cheese and hummus. We had the pleasure of being entertained by donkey and elephant mascots. We played Constitutional Quizzo before the speech and Bingo during the speech. Mayor Nutter came, said a few words, and watched with us. Kate & I were interviewed by an Associated Press reporter and our quotes ended up in the Delaware County Times.

As for the speech itself, I was happy with it. I wasn’t blown away. Some of Obama’s speeches blow me away—like his acceptance speech and his address to the people in Arizona. Last night, he did a good job and didn’t say anything that caught me completely off guard. I was amused that Joe Biden wore a proud face the whole time—as if he were Obama’s father. And John Boehner look as artificially tan as ever.