Samara O'Shea

Doogie Howser, J.W. (Journal Writer)


I caught the end of a Doogie Howser rerun a few nights back. I had forgotten that he was the orginal computer journaler. At the end of each episode he’d type a few words of wisdom onto his very blue computer screen.


He wasn’t blogging—just journaling for himself and the audience, of course. This was the early 90’s, a few years before e-mail became a must. I suppose one writer for the show had a vision that some of us would be journaling on our computers someday, and he was right. So hats off to that man and his vision. Hats off also to Neil Patrick Harris—the ultimate comeback kid. It’s been a hilarious pleasure watching his career the past few years.

For anyone interested in Doogie’s journal, I found this: The Personal Journal of Doogie Howser, M.D. I’m not certain they are all real. Some of them seem so, but others don’t. Ah well, it’s a quick mouse scroll down memory lane.

This is my fav:

Ray and I got caught up in comparing ourselves to others. It doesn’t matter weither* you think too much of yourself or too little, either way you lose.

*Whether is spelled incorrectly on The Personal Jouranl site.