Samara O'Shea

Letters from Home

I received an e-mail from author Kristina McMorris this week and am mega excited about her upcoming book. It’s a debut novel called Letters from Home. To celebrate the book’s release Kristina is hosting a contest, which I am absolutely going to enter. Details:

Submit a love letter by March 31, 2011. It can be short or long, funny or heartwarming, poetic or satirical, real or made up. Some ideas include…an actual WWII letter; an imaginary note from Juliet to Romeo, from Donald Duck to Daisy, or from Amelia Earhart to a secret love with whom she might have run away. It can be a letter you once received, a copy of one you’ve sent, or one you should have written long ago. It can be a message to God, a deployed serviceman, your favorite celebrity, and the list goes on.

I think she’s going to get many fascinating letters in response, and I hope she posts some of them on her website. For your viewing pleasure, here’s the book trailer: