Samara O'Shea

Right on Time

Welcome to spring! It showed up on schedule. In the northeast, we had a gorgeous Friday, a slightly cooler but still sunny Saturday, and a Sunday similar to Saturday. The rain waited for Monday, which was very thoughtful of it. This weekend, I bought a vintage vanity. I only paid $10.50 on e-bay for it. It’ll make it’s way into my bedroom at some point. For now, it’s sitting pretty in the living room.


I also received a letter from the mystery traveler. This time he writes from Bamako, Mali.


He asks me what I need to “get in the mood” to write. That’s a great question and one I’m not sure I have a great answer for. I need tea, undoubtedly. I need a good idea. Oh! I need a deadline—even if it’s a self-imposed one. The myster traveler needs “a cup of coffee, a clean desk, a good pen, and paper that’s being asked to be written on.” I’d say these elephants are definitely asking for a little language love.


Finally, I leave for Italy today! As I said, you may or may not hear from me when I’m there. We’ll see what the week has in store. Ciao!