Samara O'Shea

Loving and Losing Liz

Due to sparse Internet, the only piece of news that I got while in Italy was that Elizabeth Taylor died. Twitter broke it to me. I was able to get on for about two minutes, and I saw the hashtag RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

I wasn’t shocked, as it was bound to happen, and I won’t even say I’m sad. I’m happy actually. I love Liz and she lived as full of a life as anyone can hope to. After her acting career ended, she triumphantly took on AIDS as a cause long before it was considered cool to do so. And, of course, she was a woman of letters. She asked to be buried beside the last letter Richard Burton ever wrote her. And a set of letters she wrote to her first fiancé, William D.
Pawley Jr. (who she never ended up marrying), are due to be auctioned off in May. I had no idea she was engaged to before she married first husband, Nicky Hilton. This woman sure did have a love life!

I’m also not sad because Elizabeth is not going anywhere—she will live on as a screen goddess for many years to come. I can’t wait until TCM starts playing all her movies.