Samara O'Shea

Spring in All Her Lack of Glory

This year, spring in the northeast has been dreary, damp, sunny but chilly, and warm but rainy. I’m trying to appreciate it regardless, because it’s an actual spring. Spring is rarely the warm, wonderful weather we want it to be. A genuine spring bounces between sporadic sun and drastic downpours. It’s a season trying to find itself. It wants to be free from the severity of winter but doesn’t want to surrender to summer heat too quickly.

Spring 2011 is as normal a spring as they come. This past Sunday was splendidly sunny, but still too nippy to spend entire afternoon in the park. I took a photo of the Japanese maple tree in my front yard, which is starting to yield her lovely red leaves.


Let’s compare it to the winter photo shall we? Just to see how far we’ve come.

On Monday, I received spring on a note card as reader Mike sent his wife Lynn’s latest masterpiece. I sent two of these cards out yesterday because I had to share. Stunning!

Over in the northwest, they’re having an equally grey time of it. But apparently, a Poor Season for Sunshine Is Great One for Spores. Who knew?