Samara O'Shea

Window Shopping

If you’re reading this, it means you survived the rapture. Hooray! It was a gorgeous doomsday here in the northeast—the most gorgeous day we had all week.

On Friday, reader Mike sent me this photo his daughter took at the Tiffany & Co store where she works. I’m guessing it’s an ad? It’s a fun one! Transcript below the photo.


Hello Maisie,

Did you know that last night was our 18th date?

On our 5th I told you I loved you.

On our 9th you said you didn’t know what love is.

On our 10th date. . .

Well we both know what.

On our 13th date you said love is anarchistic nonsense.

Last night I do believe you used the “L” word.

I rest my case.

– D.

In other news . . . I highly recommend you read the essay on Modern Love Rejects today. It’s about a journal turned blog and a blog that ended up wreaking havoc on the blogger’s dating life.