Samara O'Shea

Just a Reminder. . .

. . .we’ve been here before. This week’s Time magazine quotes an old issue of itself with regards to President Gerald Ford. Our problems are pretty much the same now as they were then. I understand that the economy has its ups and downs, but the fact that we still lose sleep over oil is disheartening:

“President Ford last week rolled up his sleeves to confront the gritty economic and political realities of devastating inflation, lengthening recession and a looming international crisis over oil prices. . .Wall Street, like the U.S. itself, is suffering from uncertainty about the future, a fearful sense of drift that, for all its efforts, the new Administration has so far failed to arrest. . . .The President’s new program represents a first step on what will be a long and punishing journey back to prosperity. The key question is whether President Ford can rally the nation to make the many sacrifices large and small, that are absolutely necessary for winning the critical war against inflation.”

Time Magazine, October 14, 1974