Samara O'Shea

Little Match Girl

Moving usually means the unearthing of artifacts you didn’t know you had. Last weekend I came across a handful of matchboxes. If a restaurant offers them, I’ll usually swipe a box on the way out and keep them in the bathroom at home. I didn’t know I had gone so far as to put several of them in a small Tupperware container–looks as if I was trying to save them. My first instinct was to toss them, but then I shared a nostalgic moment wtih each matchbox.

Here are a few:


The top left is from Cafe Lalo on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It’s where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet for coffee in You’ve Got Mail. Top right is from The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville. It is one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in. The bathroom was luxurious. The lobby was grand. They served tea everyday at 4 pm. I was there for a press trip a few years back and had the time of my life. I considered moving to Nashville for a moment. Bottom left is from The Beach House Grille in Alabama. I also made it to Mobile for a press trip years ago. I didn’t consider moving there, but was very glad I went. Bottom right is from Budda Bar–just a gorgeous Manhattan bar I ended up in one night.

Looks like I’m a bit of a matchbox collector and I didn’t even know it. I liken them to postcards now, small trinkets that can bring you back to a place or a moment in time. I think I’ll throw them all into a glass jar and keep them in the powder room. I can use them when need be and visitors can sift through them if they are so inclined.