Samara O'Shea

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I have wanted to do this blog post since I moved and haven’t had a chance to until now. Just a little photo tour of my new neighborhood.

This is the deli on my corner. The first timeI went in, I didn’t have enough cash and was about to hit the ATM. The lady at the counter said, “You can give it to us next time.” Next time? Who says that? Kate says they’re very nice and trusting at this deli. Obviously!

A close-up of the deli’s mosaic tile exterior. There’s an artist in Philly who does this type of work. Most buildings like this are in the South Street area, but Fairmount boasts a few.

The Flying Saucer Café on the other corner.

This looks better in person—the pink flowers against the white house are stunning.

This is a nearby Pub called McKenna’s. I have yet to go, but when I do I’ll get the story behind the old-school Ladies Entrance sign. It’s cool that they kept it.

One of Fairmount’s most well-known bars is called The Bishop’s Collar. The food always catches me off guard with how good it is. This is my chicken quesadilla from the other day. Please note the fruit—yummy!

A local restaurant—very cozy in the winter with fireplaces and lots of beer. I love the way they spell Brigids.

Another exterior done in the tile mosaic way.

Best of all! Jesus lives here, too!

That’s all for me this week. Have a wonderful, safe, celebratory 4th of July weekend!