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In Case You Missed It

Friday, July 29th, 2011

The article I wrote for Marie Claire has arrived online. And simply for show & tell on a Friday: The fabulous coasters reader Masa sent me—from New Orleans.


Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Obama for America asked me if I wanted to wish the President a happy 50th birthday (August 4th). I said yes, so they sent me this card.


I am to write my birthday message and mail it back ASAP (and include a donation if I am so inspired). I’ll try to do it tonight. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Dear Mr. President,

I am very proud to call you my leader. You epitomize the American dream. Here’s to four more years of leadership, and fifty more years of the well-lived life. I will continue to pray for you and the difficult decisions you have to make. Happy Birthday!

Samara O’Shea, Philadelphia, PA (D)

And for fun. . .another President’s birthday celebration:

You Have a Friend in Malaysia

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

It’s a week after the fact, and I’m still experiencing the ricochet effect of hackers entering my G-mail account. (I’m going to write a HuffPo blog about it!) I received this e-mail from reader Masa last night. It kinda makes me wish I had suddenly gone to Malaysia. Not only would I have been okay, I would have had a nice place to stay!

Dear Samara,

Woohoo! I’m glad you’re back in business. Last week, I caved in and opened a twitter account to try and reach my friend from Malaysia. Unfortunately, he barely uses it, so I tried looking him up in the Tasmanian white pages, and sure enough, I got in touch with him on Saturday. His family still lives in Malaysia, and I lost touch with him about 10 years ago, so I’m excited that I was able to get back in touch with him. Now that I have his contact information, I closed the twitter account because I have no need for it. As tough as it may have been in the last week with your account being compromised, I want to thank you for inspiring me to try harder to find him. If you really get stranded in Malaysia, his parents used to work for the embassy, and you’ll have a safe place to stay. Hope your week is going well so far.


Bye Bye Blog

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

No my blog isn’t going anywhere, but the blog Just A Girl Dreaming is wrapping up. I must say I’ve never seen this before. I’ve seen bloggers ignore their blogs, and seen I’ve bloggers consciously stop blogging. But this gal has announced she’ll stop blogging and a week from now she’ll take down the blog. If I were ever to stop blogging, I’d make an announcement but I would leave all the existing content up. It’s so much writing!

Nevertheless, she seems very secure in this decision and I wish her all the best.

The Stars Align in August

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

The 2nd best part of the August issue of Marie Claire is . . . my horoscope. My fellow Virgos, we have quite a month ahead!

“Get thee to La Perla—you’re positively bursting with passion, thanks to Venus stoking your sensual fires, causing you to crave fine wine, exotic food, and warm evenings fraught with sexual tension. And your bank account will soon be as rich as your live life. A small lump of cash is coming your way, which you’ll likely put toward a charitable cause.”

The Comment Conundrum

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

In addition to what I wrote last Saturday, I have another apology. I’m just full of contrition these days! This time I’m sorry to any new visitors who’ve tried to leave comments since . . . oh . . . last March and haven’t been able to. Here’s the situation:

When I was in Italy earlier this year, I had very little access to the web. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice—makes for a better vacation. But I only did what I had to—e-mailing my parents and telling them I’d arrived safely etc. When I returned, I had 8,000 comments—99.7% of which were spam. I tried to go in and delete them, and I couldn’t. When you have that many comments, it’s all but impossible to load the page. I tried on both my MAC at home and my PC at work. Since then, the comments have been accumulating. As of right now, I have 30,565.
Every now and then I’ll try to get in touch with WordPress and ask them to delete my comments from the back end. Hasn’t happened, and they don’t have an 800 number.

Now, people who’ve commented before March 2011—such as Mike from VA, Matt G, Masa, Stephanie, etc.—you can still leave comments. If a comment is approved once, then the commentor can continue to write. (Please Note: I do have the power to delete if you get too rowdy =). In any case, I haven’t thought much about it until my friend Jennifer asked me if I didn’t approve her comments last week because they’re too personal. Knowing that’s an unlikely thing of me to do, I had to revisit the comment conundrum.

Again, I offer my apology if you’ve tried to comment and haven’t been able to. I’m not screening or deleting comments. I can’t even see them myself. I’ll try to be more assertive about fixing the problem. Carry on!

If you know how to fix such a problem, email me! It’s working again.


Saturday, July 16th, 2011

My sincere apologies to those of you who received an e-mail from me saying I’m in Malaysia. I’m safe and sound in my house. I’m a little embarrassed, but other than that I’m fine! I’ve reported the spam incident to G-mail and am waiting for it to be resolved.

I’ve heard from so many people in the past three hours with calls and texts saying “Are you okay?” Reader Stephanie left this comment on the blog entry below: “Samara, your email’s been hacked! I got a terrible email from your address (with your signature, even) asking for money. It didn’t even capitalize the I’s.”

“It didn’t even capitalize the I’s,” made me howl. Thanks Stephanie! It’s nice to know that if I did end up in Malaysia accidentally that so many people would send money for my safe return. You guys are the best. Enjoy your weekend!