Samara O'Shea

Me & Marie

I wrote an article for Marie Claire magazine a few months back and it has made its way into the August issue! The issue is on its way to newsstands now with the lovely Olivia Wilde on the cover. (Jennifer Aniston is on the July cover, so don’t get confused =)

Here’s an iPhone pic of the article:


Now, as you can see, the description line and the pull out quote are both very dramatic.

“Samara O’Shea thought she had a really bad break-up—but actually she was suffering from a rare psychological condition.”

“I woke up every morning dry-heaving with stabbing chest pains that struck with no warning.”

The article itself is not that intense, and I assure you that I’m fine. The condition of which I’m speaking is called limerence, which is “defined as an involuntary interpersonal state that involves an acute longing for emotional reciprocation, obsessive-compulsive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and emotional dependence on another person.”

It’s basically the clinical way of saying it can take years for a limerent person to overcome a broken heart. It sounds strange, I realize, but it is very real and all consuming. A man named Albert Wakin has done extensive research on the condition. I interviewed him for the article, and here’s a paper he wrote on the topic if you’re interested. Here’s the Wikipedia link if you’d rather read something less academic.

The article mirrors much of my writing in that I tell my very personal story so that others can identify if they need to. I am currently working on my second article for Marie Claire. Yay! It’s due next Monday, which means I most likely won’t be blogging for the rest of the week. If I have time I will, otherwise, I’ll be in touch next week!